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Periodontal Treatment Options
By Frederick Dental Group
May 07, 2018
Category: Oral Health

Don’t brush off the symptoms of gum disease—your teeth are too valuable and your oral health can have an effect on your overall health. periodontal diseasePeriodontal disease is as much of a risk to your smile as tooth decay. Visit a dentist at Frederick Dental Group in Frederick, MD to talk about your periodontal treatment options, including oral surgery.

Dentist's usually use the word gum disease to describe an oral condition called periodontitis. The disease process is where plaque causes an infection that deteriorates the gumline and underlying bone. It is more common in older adults, but it can also happen in patients who are as young as teenagers. It develops from poor oral hygiene, including a lack of flossing for long periods of time. Other risk factors include system diseases such as Diabetes or it may also be a hereditary problem, as family members often have the same periodontal issues. Periodontitis is an urgent matter because without treatment bone and tooth loss can occur.

Periodontal Treatment Options
The goal of periodontal treatment is to neutralize the bad bacteria, which lives in plaque below the gum line, remove diseased matter, and promote the growth of new healthy tissue around the teeth. Here are the treatments that may be suggested by your Frederick dentist:

- Scaling, root planing, and irrigation. (Also know as non-surgical gum treatment)
- Concurrent Antibiotic medication to stop the spread of bad bacteria. (Saliva testing can help in determining which bacterial profile is present and what antibiotics are most effective)
- Oral surgery to thoroughly remove infected tissue.
- Dental implants for advanced cases that require extraction.

Make Your Gum Health a Priority
Periodontal disease is an issue that develops over any period of neglecting your dental health. Change your habits to secure the future of your smile. Floss as much as possible, but definitely before going to bed. Quit using tobacco products, as they are a major cause of gum disease.

Explore Treatments
If you’ve already been diagnosed with periodontitis, or you feel that you may have some of the symptoms, contact Frederick Dental Group in Frederick, MD to explore your treatment options, which may include oral surgery. Call (301) 624-1001 today for an appointment with Dr. Dave Verma or Dr. Arpana Verma.