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Restore Your Smile With Dental Implants
By Frederick Dental Group
September 27, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures
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What's one of your fondest wishes? For many Americans, it's a beautiful, functional smile. However, loss, or pending loss, of one or more dental implantspermanent teeth impedes that dream. At Frederick Dental Group, your dentists, Dr. Dave Verma and Dr. Arpana Verma, offer today's most innovative tooth replacements--dental implants. Improving bone structure, oral function and personal appearance, dental implants deliver on that very personal goal. Learn more here.

The single-tooth dental implant

Composed of a titanium metal screw, metal alloy extension post and realistic porcelain crown, the single-tooth dental implant resembles a real tooth in every way. It has an artificial root set right in the jaw, and in fact, the implant screw improves bone structure every time a patient bites and chews.

How can an implant help your jaw bone? After the dentist places an implant into the jaw, the bone and the titanium metal meld together through what dentists term "osseointegration." This revolutionary process improves bone density and size, activating the natural bone-building cells every jaw bone possesses. A super-strong bond and firm foundation for the rest of the dental implant results.

Uses of dental implants

These state-of-the-art prosthetics have many uses, including:

  • Replacing one tooth in the front or back of the mouth
  • Replacing a partial denture or fixed bridgework consisting of multiple artificial teeth
  • Securing an existing full or partial denture

Implants stay in place indefinitely, having a success and retention rate of about 95 percent. In other words, a dental implant is a very sure thing.

The evaluation process

At Frederick Dental Group, Dr. Verma will use modern imaging equipment to look at your underlying bone. Its health and density ensure dental implant success.
Additionally, Dr. Verma will discuss:

  • The procedure itself
  • Your medical history
  • Your anesthetic (typically, a locally injected numbing medication is sufficient)
  • Aftercare (good oral hygiene habits are important)
  • Final placement of your extension post and crown

While smokers can and do qualify for implant procedures, tobacco cessation is best. Cigarettes and chewing tobacco pose many dangers to general health and set the stage for most oral cancers. Also, they can make osseointegration harder for the dental implant and may cause an infection called peri-implantitis, the greatest threat to implant retention.

A new smile

If your confidence and health are hampered by lost or failing teeth, explore restoration through dental implants. Dr. Dave Verma or Dr. Arpana Verma will gladly help you chart a course to a wonderful new smile that will last. Call Frederick Dental Group today for more information: (301) 624-1001.