CEREC Single visit Crowns or Caps

Now at Frederick Dental Group CEREC Omnicam® crowns in one visit!  Allowing our office to deliver same day crowns.  Amazing CAD/CAM technology is used to record a 3D video of your tooth, and our in office milling machine will then custom fabricate a porcelain crown for you while you watch! No more messy impressions, no more bad tasting materials, and all done in one visit!

One of the few Dental offices in Frederick, MD offering the service.  At Frederick Dental Group we are proud to offer CEREC same day crowns utilizing technology that gets you in and out with a new crown in one visit! No more having to come back for a second visit or having a temporary crown that falls off during the temporary phase of traditional crown therapy. You can count on us to always be enhancing our skills and technology.

A crown is a great option for a tooth that might otherwise need an extraction or dental implant replacement. A typical procedure can be drawn out over many visits. It can last two to three weeks and usually involves a temporary crown. Keep in mind, temporary crowns are known to bring their own risk of breaking or falling out in a short period of time. During this time an impression is made, sent to a dental lab to be created specifically for you, then shipped back to your dentist’s office to be fitted for your smile. This process can be inconvenient and time-consuming.

In-House Computer Aided Manufacturing

With amazing CAD/CAM technology, or Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing, CEREC is used to record a 3D digital impression of your tooth,  CAD/CAM technology allow us to custom design a crown that fits and functions for your specific situation.  Our in-office milling machine will then custom fabricate a porcelain crown for you while you watch! The CEREC Omnicam® machine mills your custom tooth in just about an 15 minutes. Your new highly-durable, ceramic tooth is created and ready to be bonded — no more messy impressions, no more bad tasting materials, and all done in one visit! Your time is precious, so stop wasting it on multiple visits; give us a call today at 301-624-1001 to make your appointment.

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As experienced dentists in Frederick, our doctors and team continue to deliver high-quality care to our patients that is not only professional but compassionate. We listen to you and ask what your needs are from your dental team. Have you got a toothache or need emergency care? You can call us – we will take care of your pain and help you to avoid any possible infections. Do you experience anxiety when it is time to come to the dentist office or have a procedure done? Talk to your dental specialist about your sedation dentistry options. We also have options available for interest-free financing; just because your insurance doesn’t cover a procedure, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t important.

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For the benefit of our patients, we offer a multitude of services. By having an expert staff, we can save you time and money from having to see different specialists. You can count on us for anything from fillings to bone grafting. We offer aesthetic correction for crowding, spacing or chipped broken teeth. We even now proudly offer Botox! You can also reach us through our contact page for any questions or inquiries.

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On top of the regular VIP luxuries we offer our patients, such as blankets, memory foam neck pillows, eye masks, etc. we want to offer you an even better deal: We are currently offering a $5 reward gift card to our loyal patients for keeping up with your regularly scheduled dental cleaning hygiene visits. How’s that for sweetening the pot? We also constantly run different online specials so be sure to check them out before you come in. Make your appointment with Frederick Dental Group today. We can’t wait to see you.