Emergency Dentist in Frederick, MD

Emergency Dentist Frederick MD

We understand emergencies happen.  WE CATER TO COWARDS!!

Same Day Emergency Visit available most days while we are in the office.  So don't suffer another day with a dental toothache.

In the event of a dental emergency and are in need of emergency dental care including dental pain, toothache, swelling, broken tooth, abscess, avulsed tooth (knocked out tooth), dental trauma, lost fillings, loose or fallen off crowns, please follow the instructions below. If you are experiencing dental emergency call an emergency dentist Frederick, we have help standing by.

During normal business hours:
Please call our office at 301-624-1001.  We will do everything possible to see you the same day and start the process to relieve your pain.

After Hours or on weekends: Emergency Dental Care Frederick MD
You may contact Dr. Chetan Baddam at 217-414-4234. Please leave a message and Dr. Baddam  will contact you as soon as possible.

Avulsed Tooth (knocked out tooth):

Place the tooth in Milk or distilled water and bring it with you.  Generally a tooth that has been knocked out can be replanted and stabilized if done within a few hours of the avulsion.  However, these days with advancement in technology other treatment options are available such as an immediate implant placement.

Tooth Pain or Toothache:

Generally one can take over the counter pain medication in the Ibuprofen or Acetaminaphen family to control the pain. If these medications don't control the pain one can try to place a topical anesthetic available at the drugstore which contain Benzocaine to ease the discomfort.  Sometimes placing ice will dull the pain.  If none of these measures work these are signs a more serious situation is underlying and it is best to contact a Dentist for more advise on how best to deal with the situation.

Sometimes it is best to go to an urgent care facility to have the situation evaluated so a prescription can be given to control the immediate pain and some relief can be obtained especially when one cannot find an emergency dentist to take care of the urgent need.  One can then schedule an appointment when the office opens either the next morning or after the weekend.