Full Mouth Dental Rehabilitation

Often times due to poor oral hygiene, lack of preventive care, genetics, lack of fluoride, a bad bite, a high cavities rate, periodontal disease or a desire to improve their smile a patient may want or have to consider a full mouth dental reconstruction to improve their oral health.

A full mouth reconstructions can involve changing the size, shape or color of all the teeth.  It can involve changing the bite to help alleviate pain, most times associated with the TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) and facial muscles or muscles involved in chewing. It can be used to rebuild a worn bite.

Our Doctors have obtained extensive training in Full Mouth Reconstruction from the Las Vegas Institute of Advanced Dental Studies. Our office uses advanced computer technologies to determine what is the optimal bite for you and involves making sure the jaw joint, muscles of mastication and teeth are in perfect harmony.

If you believe you are a candidate for a full mouth dental reconstruction give our office a call to schedule a FREE consultation to find out more about how we can help you achieve optimal oral health with a beautifully crafted smile.