Osseous Surgery / Pocket Reduction

Sometimes the effects of periodontal disease create permanent loss of bone around the tooth and gums that will cause issues in the future. Deep gum pockets between the tooth and the gum line are common after having advanced gum disease. Gaps often occur between teeth when the bone is no longer strong enough to withstand normal biting pressues to hold the tooth in its proper position. Pocket reduction surgery is designed to thwart the after effects of periodontal disease and restore your mouth to a healthy state.

The goal of periodontal surgery to gain access to the tooth root and to clean the damaged areas. Once the dentist can visually see the damage, it can be repaired. Removing the plaque and tartar as well as re-contouring the gum leaves the pocket to heal and re attach itself to the tooth creating smaller size pockets. Sometimes the gum returns to its original position but most times the pocket depth gets smaller. More frequent cleanings and periodontal maintenance visits are the best way to prevent the recurrent of deep gum pockets. The goal of Pocket Reduction Surgery is to create a self maintaining space that can be easily maintained by the patient and the dentist.