Surgical Dental Microscope

Advancements in Technology with Dental Microscopes

Our team of doctors and staff are constantly striving for excellence by enhancing their skills and technology. We here at Frederick Dental Group now offer Surgical Microscope technology for your convenience.

Other specialists, such as neurologists and ophthalmologists, have been using microscopes to improve their surgical capabilities. The use of the Dental Surgical Microscope allows a doctor to perform procedures with greater accuracy because the treatment area is magnified. This ultimately provides greater outcomes for the patients and the procedures. The microscope’s superior illumination and magnification have made the greatest impact on visualization of the area, and this permits our Maryland dentist to see things that would not normally be observable by the human eye.

Benefits of Microscope Technology

Using the microscope technology allows for a better evaluation of surgical technique and the ability to use smaller instruments during dental surgeries. With the unique ultrasonic unit and tips, a separated instrument or silver point can be removed with less effort. The use of smaller instruments creates less trauma to oral soft tissue during dental procedures. Less trauma means shorter recovery time and better healing.

By using Endo Microscope technology, we have been able to make incredible progress concerning our endodontic services. Using Endo Microscopes during root canals also allows for the use of fewer x-rays during the procedure. With the visual magnification of the microscope fourth canals are now routinely being located and completely debrided in virtually all molars. Endo Microscope technology is thus increasing the long-term success rate with root canal therapy.

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